Organizations and Teams


Zach Brock – Professional Musician and Director/Founder, Secret Fort Music
“I would attribute a significant percentage of every success that I've had in my career since late 2000 to my work with Judah Kurtz. He has been a constant source of support and inspiration in achieving my personal and career goals, and he has taught me many intuitive strategies that I can use daily to reach deeper insights and perspective in my life and in my work."

Albert Ellenich – Photographer, UX Consultant, Social Media Strategist
“The techniques Judah used to help me make planning decisions also explored my core values and beliefs to create a plan [for my long-held business idea] that aligned with my true self. I would not hesitate to recommend Judah to anyone looking for a coaching partner to reach established or new goals, challenge their limiting beliefs or explore what they think is holding them back from getting more out of life. Judah will listen to you and work with you to develop a personalized approach.”

Grisel Robles-Schrader – National Project Coordinator, University of California (SF)
“[Judah Kurtz] uses fun and creative techniques to help you clarify your values…which leads to the creation of a personalized coaching plan, that he holds you accountable to in a firm but compassionate manner….As a result of our work together I secured a new employment opportunity that was a promotion from previous position, with a salary increase and the opportunity to work from home. Judah is extremely professional and very personable. I would highly recommend Judah as a career coach.”

Paul Rakovich – Entrepreneur
"Working with Judah is one of the few times in your life where someone stands completely for what you say you want — at times more than you do! …He challenged me to live in excellence, but just as important he taught me to celebrate what I have and to trust myself."

Erin Harper – Film Director/Producer and President, H Over Walking Y Productions
"I have been working with Judah [since 2001]. He has been an incredibly loyal support to me as I have taken some of the biggest risks in my life. Without telling me what to do or how to do something, he offers guidance that helps me to be secure in all of my life choices. I am living the exhilarating results of these choices, and will always recognize that I couldn't have done it by myself."

Neil Curran – Certified Personal Trainer
"Before I started working with Judah Kurtz as my coach, I was — in a word — stuck… The best thing I can communicate about my experience of coaching: It has been the simple reminder that the courage to succeed is not always an internal process. The coaching relationship helped me break out of what I found easy and comfortable and push beyond."

Craig Andree – Director of National Accounts, Lundbeck Inc.
“Throughout my time working with Judah, he was professional, knowledgeable and provided excellent insights with the areas in which I sought improvement. I would highly recommend Judah!”

RaShelle Roberts – Creative Business Coach and Principal, InVision
"Judah is a powerful coach — period! His passion and commitment for his life, his business and the people in it stand above anyone I know. His insights/coaching have helped me in my life over and over again to create the results I truly desire!"

Rachel Guiragossian – Owner, Sweet Tallulah Baking & Catering
"Sometimes it's hard to see your own potential — to realize you have all your own answers buried (somewhere) in your mind….Working together with Judah has given me the power to focus on what I want to achieve. Through our weekly conversations he helps me organize goals that seemed impossible, into very attainable ones….I'm able to balance my life more — every aspect of it….Judah continues to help me live my life to the fullest."

Amy George – Executive Assistant and Professional Photographer
"Judah is very results-oriented, professional, and organized. He uniquely combines this structured approach with empathy and creativity, which works extremely well for right-brained people like me. Judah is a gifted communicator with astute observational skills, which makes the coaching process very efficient. I know Judah in both personal and professional contexts, and what is most impressive to me is his integrity — how he practices the principles he espouses in his daily life."

Pauline Methratta – Writer
"One of the most valuable tools Judah gave me was learning how to be creative when breakdowns occur! His straightforward approach and unfailing humor support me through the toughest moments every artist faces in going public with their work."

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Organizations and Teams

Zachary Lazar — President (Midwest), Harris Private Bank
“Judah did a very thorough job for us. From concept to execution his efforts were on target, on time, on budget and very importantly "realistic and useful." I would recommend Judah for any organization seeking to understand the effects their organizational structure has on results and that are seeking ways to improve overall productivity and the client experience."

Kate Jones – Consultant
“Judah is a pragmatic consultant, focused on client needs. He has a knack for synthesizing data and developing solutions rooted in his findings. Always with the end result in mind, Judah's ability to execute is unprecedented.”

Elane V. Scott – CEO, Birth2Work
“It is a privilege for me to recommend Judah Kurtz as a consultant professional. I have used him on a number of different occasions for leadership development and brainstorming purposes with small and large groups. Judah is a consummate professional in appearance, time management and task execution. But, all of that pales in comparison to his skills at facilitating people to open up, share and deliver on ideas that might not otherwise surface. I can highly recommend him to you as I am planning to use him again soon myself!”

Susan Barrett-Kelly – Sr. Director, Management and Organization Development, NA, Kraft Foods
“I had a very positive experience working with Judah….He's naturally coach-focused and driven, and challenges himself and others to deliver their best. He's organized and diligent on follow through. Judah's drive is complemented by his sense of humor and ability to keep teams functioning through difficult patches. Judah's abilities and interpersonal skills would make him an asset in any organization.”

Kenzie Derma – Vice President, Talent & Diversity, Energy BBDO
“Judah consulted on a big project with myself in our HR department that was quite extensive. He brought strategic thinking, passion and innovative ways on how we could begin, create and roll out this project. He is a true partner, one that I trust and often lean on to make sure that I am heading in the right direction. The project is in its final stages and because of Judah's help in keeping us on track and making sure that we included the right people and gained the proper feedback to make this successful.”

Mark Rozeen – Executive Vice President, GolinHarris
"I heartedly endorse and recommend Judah. In the past few years I've had the pleasure of working with him, he has proven to be a model of competence, creativity and consistency....Perhaps just as important as Judah's ability to get the job done is his proactivity…offering solutions instead of problems, and prioritizing the right choices instead of promulgating a plethora of random choices...well, that's a Godsend."

Sasha Neuenschwander – Human Resources Manager, GE Healthcare
“As a consultant he was very easy to work with, focused on understanding & meeting our needs, and consistently delivered above and beyond what we needed. He continually asked probing and insightful questions to clarify our goals and enhance the solutions that were presented in the end. Outstanding work.”

Katy Mess – Design Strategist and Program Coordinator
“Judah has a wonderful capacity for excellent project management. He was masterful at helping me create an action plan around a strategic vision….Judah uses his abilities as an insightful coach and organizational change agent to constructively direct project activities towards efficiency and bottom-line results….Judah is very sharp, driven, and results-oriented. I look forward to working with him on projects in the future!”

Jennifer Cohan – Managing Director, GolinHarris
"Judah Kurtz’ contributions to our dynamic and rapidly-growing organizations are legion: creativity, problem solving, pro-activity and the ability to handle complex projects with finesse — all critical qualities in a business that demands insight, intellect and flawless implementation…to name just a few areas where he has made an impact. His role as "right hand" to the CEO is an important one, but his contribution and value extend well beyond."

Christine Leung – Consultant
“I have worked with Judah on multiple long-term projects… and am constantly impressed with his attention to detail, quality of work, and diligence. Judah's ability to appropriately synthesize and tailor communication and work products to fit each unique situation and stakeholders is a great asset. Judah is a trusted team player and leader whom I look forward to partnering with again in the future!”

RaShelle Roberts – Creative Business Coach & Principal, InVision
“He has a great ability to facilitate groups as well as one-on-one. I request his help/partnership on any and all projects I can because he adds so much depth and knowledge. As a coach, that is a big deal because it’s challenging to find people as honest and passionate as he is.”

Rachel Fetters – Consultant
“Judah is a smart, quick learner and immediately added value on several projects. He has a sharp eye for detail and a very professional business-writing style. I greatly enjoyed working with him!”

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“Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them was
superior to circumstance."

—John Barton