Professional Experience

Since 2000, I have provided coaching, training, and consulting to a diverse range of individuals and organizations around the globe seeking clarity of focus, forward momentum, increased effectiveness, and exceptional results. With energy and humor, I empower my clients to uncover their hidden potential and barriers to success, and to consciously design their lives, careers, and businesses with greater alignment to their purpose and values. They develop a deeper understanding of who they are, what they stand for, what they want, and how to be/do/have it.

Passionate about driving sustainable growth and change, I employ tools and techniques customized to the context and client. My holistic approach inspires clarity, growth, and achievement by recognizing the importance of all areas of life and business to success. I strive to assist my clients by transforming abstract, complex issues into tangible, practical solutions that help them to see the "bigger picture" without losing sight of the details.

To follow are areas in which my work as a coach and consultant have supported individual, team, and organizational effectiveness:

For the individual: I have supported my clients with a broad range of issues, including: career transition, starting and growing a business, working through the dissertation process, development of essential life and business skills, achieving health and fitness goals, improvements in self-confidence and leadership abilities, and a variety of personal and professional development issues. I also publish a variety of think pieces and exercises on my blog, Judah Buddha.

For teams and organizations: I have enjoyed a distinguished 20-year track record of working with CEOs, senior executives, and specific business discipline areas in Fortune 500 companies and in the non-profit and education sectors. My focus has been on maximizing impact and quality-driven outcomes through strategic change, talent and performance management, learning and development, and training/facilitation. I have also designed team building interventions and workshops around such topics as project management, communication, leadership, motivation, and organization skills.

My clients have achieved unprecedented results through our partnerships. They have sought me out for my client-centered approach, and have benefited from my unique experience and education in psychology, business, adult learning, and organizational development. For more information about my background, click on the following links:

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Life Experience

Coaching Philosophy


“The most important thing is that you love what you are doing, and the second that you are not afraid of where your next idea will lead."

— Charles Eames